Documents and External References

The table below contains links to material of direct relevance to the proposed PSPO.

Ref. # Link Description
1 Out of Order Kennel Club report on the impact of access restrictions on dogs and their owners.
2 Great Yarmouth Council Vote Down Dog PSPO Link to article in the Great Yarmouth Mercury dated 25 November 2015 reporting on the rejection of a proposed PSPO, which was very similar to that proposed by Fylde Council, following a public consultation exercise. The proposal was voted down unanimously. Other "common sense" parts of the order including fining people not cleaning up after their dogs, enabling authorised people require owners to leash their dogs if they are causing a nuisance, having dogs on leads in cemeteries etc. and banning dogs from children's playgrounds etc. were passed. Though there was even an exception allowed for mourners to bring dogs to a cemetery.
3 PSPO for Dog Control Report of the Resource Directorate for the meeting of the Operational Management Committee on 15 November 2016 containing the recommendations of the cross-party working group established to consider the introduction of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) for the enforcement of dog control in the Fylde under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014.
4 RSPCA Position Statement on PSPOs Statement by the RSPCA regarding the use of PSPOs which includes notes that Local Authorities should use them sparingly and in a manner that is proportionate to the problem, in accordance with DEFRA's guidance. Also states Local authorities should be aware that under section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act, owners are required to ensure they meet their pets' welfare needs, this includes the freedom to express normal behaviour and regular and appropriate exercise. It is for this reason, that where dogs are excluded or restricted on open spaces, it is essential that local authorities ensure that other open spaces in close proximity remain accessible to dogs on and off leads to allow owners to fulfil their responsibilities.
5 Appendix A Appendix A to the Report of the Resource Directorate for the meeting of the Operational Management Committee on 15 November 2016 containing the a table summarising the proposed changes based on the affected locations.

1. Row numbers have been added to this document for convenience when referring to it - this was not on the Council's version.
2. Appendix A contains no maps and is at best ambiguous and at worst deliberately misleading.
6 Striking the Balance Upholding the Seven Principles of Public Life in Regulation: Report on Standards in Public Life
7 Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 Link to the text of the legislation related to this Act of Parliament which includes Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs). The legislation includes the conditions which must be met to create a PSPO, its duration and renewal and how it can be challenged in the High Court. It also includes a statement that a PSPO may be framed to apply to all persons, or only to persons in specified categories, or to all persons except those in specified categories.
8 Police and Crime Plan 2016-2021 Link to the Lancashire Police and Crime Plan by the Lancashire PCC. There is not a single reference to dogs being a problem anywhere in the document.
9 Daily Telegraph 21 October 2016 Link to Daily Telegraph article about PSPOs - Dog walking banned in thousands of parks under 'busybodies’ charter'. Quote: Animal welfare charities said the restrictions could amount to cruelty and could even be forcing owners to break the law by denying their dogs proper exercise. ...... campaigners against over-regulation said it signalled a worrying trend towards "criminalising" everyday life.
10 PFMA Pet Population 2015 Link to research by the Pet Food Manufacturing Association indicating that 28% of households in the North West of England own a dog.
11 Dealing with Irresponsible Dog Ownership Practitioner's Manual Document issued by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in October 1914 which includes advice to Local Authorities with respect to PSPOs. The guidance includes recommendations to Councils that:

Where a PSPO will affect dog owners or walkers eg by restricting access to all or certain parts of a park, the local authority should consult with them. This can be done through engaging with working groups, as well as locally organised pet groups and national organisations, such as the Kennel Club who will have a network of contacts. It goes on to say that Consultation may include but is not limited to Parish Councils, Local Dog Societies, Local Animal Welfare organisations, local vetinary practices, local professional dog walkers, local residents groups, The Kennel Club.
12 Appointments to Members Working Group Report of the Office of the Chief Executive for the meeting of the Environmental Health and Housing Committee on 7 June 2016 announcing the appointment of Council Members to a Member Working Group - Public Space Protection Orders. Roles rather than names of members are included in this document.
13 AGENDA Operational Management Committee 8 March 2016 Agenda to the first Operational Management Committee meeting referring to the establishment of a working group to consider PSPOs at item 5 on pages 9-11. The background information refers solely to controls over dogs.
14 Minutes of the Operational Management Committee 8 March 2016 The minutes of this meeting record at item 5 the decision to appoint a working group on PSPOs to Investigate the possible use and implications of Public Space Protection Orders at Fylde and to make recommendations on whether they should be used, where they should be used and for what activities they should be used. It was noted that The primary objective of the working group would be to consider the impact on public open spaces of activities related to dog walking, in particular dogs roaming without a leash and individuals in charge of an excessive number of dogs, usually as part of a commercial venture.
15 NOTES of the PSPO Working Group 14 July 2016 The notes of this meeting confirm the members of the group and that Councillor David Eaves was elected as Chairman. The meeting then viewed and discussed a presentation on PSPOs for dog control given by Sarah Wilson, Principal Waste Development Officer.
16 NOTES of the PSPO Working Group 26 July 2016 The meeting also used a Powerpoint presentation and stated that 'body worn cameras' discussed in the previous meeting had already been purchased. There was further discussion about what to do with existing byelaws and proposed additional limitations to where dogs would be walked on and off lead that had not been mentioned in the previous meeting - also a limit to the number of dogs that could legally be walked by one person.
17 NOTES of the PSPO Working Group 23 August 2016 The meeting were provided with a draft report and appendix showing the recommendations to be made to the Operational Management Committee on 15 November 2016. Approval was given to the immediate use of camera equipment purchased for use of the dog wardens. Feedback from Parish Councils was discussed as was further potential limitations on the exercise of dogs. Whereas the last meeting considered removing restrictions on the Lytham St. Annes Nature Reserve this would now be recommended as 'dogs on leads'; a similar restriction was added relating to Granny's Bay. There was discussion about Legal Feedback and amendments would be applied to documentation for the 15 November meeting.
18 Analysis of Fylde Council data on dog complaints 2011 to 2016 This document is a spreadsheet containing data provided by Fylde Council in response to FOI #151246 and a graph showing trends created by Brian Watson. It should be noticed that trends in reported fouling and strays are steadily declining and stable for aggressive dogs and dogs off lead/exclusions.
19 Reform of anti-social behaviour powers - Public and Open Spaces Home Office document explaining the powers available in the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 and how they can be used.
20 Kennel Club Response The response to Fylde Council regarding proposed PSPOs from The Kennel Club and sent on 13 January 2017.
21 Fylde Playground Defects Analysis of playground defects from 2012 to 2016 based on data provided by Fylde Council (updated 6 March 2017 with corrected data from Fylde Council.
22 Dogs Trust Survey Response Copy of the Dog's Trust paper response to the consultation survey. It is apparent that the Dog's Trust is pretty much in agreement of everything said on this website.
23 Dogs Trust Survey Comments Copy of the Dog's Trust comments sent with their response to the consultation survey. It is apparent that the Dog's Trust is pretty much in agreement of everything said on this website.
24 SurveyMonkey raw data Textfile holding the raw unprocessed data downloaded from SurveyMonkey. Excludes comments - these are in document 25 as they were extracted separately.
25 SurveyMonkey Comments These are the comments included by responders in the single field in the survey form that provided free text input. The responses have been redacted by Fylde Council to remove any personal information.
26 NOTES of the PSPO Working Group 24 January 2017 XXX

Fylde Councillors

The table below shows the names and email addresses for Fylde Councillors and was obtained from the Fylde Council website.

Ward Councillor On PSPO Committee Email Address
Ansdell Ben Aitken Yes
Ansdell David Eaves Yes
Ansdell Richard Redcliffe
Ashton Tony Ford
Ashton Gail Goodman
Ashton Graeme Neal
Central Jan Barker
Central Susan Fazackerley
Central Edward Nash
Clifton Richard Fradley
Clifton Raymond Thomas
Elswick & Little Eccleston Paul Hayhurst
Fairhaven Brenda Blackshaw
Fairhaven David Donaldson
Fairhaven Cheryl Little Yes
Freckleton East Kiran Mulholland
Freckleton East Thomas Threlfall
Freckleton West Trevor Fiddler
Freckleton West Louis Rigby
Greenhalgh Maxine Chew
Heyhouses Barbara Nash
Heyhouses Vince Settle Yes
Heyhouses Viv Willder
Kilnhouse Christin Akeroyd
Kilnhouse Karen Henshaw
Kilnhouse Roger Small
Kirkham Keith Beckett
Kirkham North Paul Hodgson
Kirkham North Elaine Silverwood
Kirkham South Peter Hardy
Kirkham South Liz Oades
Medlar-with-Wesham Alan Clayton Yes
Medlar-with-Wesham Linda Nulty
Newton & Treales Peter Collins
Newton & Treales Heather Speak Yes
Park Shirley Green
Park Neil Harvey
Park Sandra Pitman
Ribby-with-Wrea Frank Andrews
St. Johns Tim Ashton
St. Johns Roger Lloyd
St. Leonards Karen Buckley
St. Leonards Delma Collins
St. Leonards Angela Jacques
Staining & Weeton Albert Pounder Yes
Staining & Weeton John Singleton
Warton & Westby Julie Brickles
Warton & Westby Michael Cornah
Warton & Westby Richard Taylor

Fylde Parish and Town Councils

The table below shows the names and email addresses for Fylde Parish and Town Council Officers and was obtained from the Fylde Council website.

Parish Role Name Email Address
Bryning-with Warton Parish Clerk Tony Wood
Elswick Parish Clerk Jane Lingings
Freckleton Parish Clerk K.M. Armistead
Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton Parish Clerk D.J. Kirkham
Kirkham Town Council Town Clerk Marjorie Barnes
Little Eccleston-with-Larbreck Parish Clerk Jane Lingings
Medlar-with-Wesham Town Clerk Jean Priestley
Newton-with-Clifton Parish Clerk F. Wilson
Ribby-with-Wrea Parish Clerk D. Kirkham
Saint Anne's on the Sea Town Clerk Sally Taylor
Singleton Parish Clerk Gill Mason
Staining Parish Clerk A. Blakeley
Treales, Roseacre and Wharles Parish Clerk Samantha Harrison
Weeton-with-Preese Parish Clerk J. Kirkham
Westby-with-Plumpton Parish Clerk J. Kirkham

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