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What is all the fuss about?

In a sentence: Unjustified restrictive new dog controls will impact the lives of decent Fylde citizens

Fylde responsible dog owners keep their dogs under control and always clear up after them and completely agree with proposed PSPOs with regards to 'fouling', dogs on leads on roads and exclusion from childen's play equipment. Responsible dog-owners feel they are being unfairly targeted and stigmatised by Fylde Council who are spending scarce public money on what, given a reducing number of complaints, should be low priority - and this at a time when there are cutbacks to services to the elderly and disabled and closure of libraries.

Fylde Council is obsessed with dog controls and is proposing to bring in extra restrictions affecting ALL dog owners. Not one of the proposed changes is supported by objective justification - all the Council has been able to produce is hearsay and anecdotal evidence. The Council and other Authorities already have many powers to deal with issues related to dogs and its own data shows that the number of complaints about dogs are going down and only THREE fixed penalty notices for dog fouling were issued in 2015/16.

Dog walkers and people with several dogs are being particularly victimised despite no objective evidence of wrongdoing. Many residents are extremely angry as the proposed PSPO will restrict the actions of law-abiding citizens - particularly the elderly, disabled and people without cars. And the changes will have little or no impact on the behaviour of the very small minority of inconsiderate dog owners - people who are as much despised by responsible dog-owners as they are by everybody else. The innocent are being punished for the sins of the guilty. Your Council has used your money to print and distribute 25,000 leaflets encouraging people to complain about dog fouling, yet the number of complaints has been falling each year and continues to fall - for the last year they amount to just five complaints per week for the entire Fylde Borough. The Council is not even able to provide information about the areas leafleted or the effectiveness of this campaign; it is a total waste of public money.

We have put together information to counterbalance the prejudiced and misleading communications put out by Fylde Council to help Fylde residents make an unbiased judgement.

  • Objections: A summary of the main objections to the PSPO
  • FOI Requests: Information about Freedom of Information Requests made and comments on the responses
  • FBC Working Group: Full details of Fylde Council's PSPO working group and a forensic analysis of meetings.
  • Animal Welfare: Read what the Kennel Club, Dog's Trust and a local Vet think of the PSPO proposals.
  • Consultation: An analysis of the questions and results of the biased consultation process
  • Help Us: Ways to help us to oppose the introduction of PSPOs
  • Dog Friendly: List of Dog-friendly Businesses in The Fylde
  • Links: Links to Council documents, Government reports, Animal Welfare Reports and many other resources related to PSPOs. Also details of Councillors and how to get in touch with them.

Latest update 6 April 2017: Information added about Freedom of Information Requests made about the cost of work on the PSPOs to date, the reporting of a security breach by Fylde Council to the Information Commissioner, and consultations with the Police, Lancashire County Council, the Kennel Club and Natural England. Further information will be added about misleading presentation of survey results and the security breach when final responses to complaints have been received.

Thank you for your support.

Ann DeRizzio, Samantha Ramsay, Brian Watson, Katy Grierson

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