Journeys in the Past

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India and Back

This is a diary containing an account of a return voyage from Britain to India that started just before the outbreak of WW1. It provides a fascinating picture of the world at that time and in particular shows the attitude of the British towards India and its population in the Edwardian era.

There is also an account of the lives of two men - the author of the diaries and the Master of the vessel on which he travelled. In some ways the life of the ship's Master is more interesting as I have traced his family and the consequences of the deaths of both of his parents in 1885.

Tower Hill

In 2007 I purchased an album from an eBay seller in Connecticut, USA. It was put together during a cruise on the P&O ship Moldavia in 1936 and contains photos, leaflets, postcards, a passenger list etc. but I do not know who created the album - although I have a theory.

I have attempted to recreate the cruise from this little archive and have added background information and some modern images to show what has changed since 1936. I invite you to imagine you are following a small party on the cruise which left Southampton Docks on 1st August 1936 and visited various sites of major historical importance in the Mediterranean. The world had struggled through WW1 - supposedly The War to End All Wars - followed by a severe economic recession. Shadows were hanging over Europe as Fascist regimes tightened their grip, and just a few weeks before the date of departure the Spanish Civil War had started.

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