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John Hilton Davies took a lot of photos and collected postcards showing the people of Calcutta and Ceylon. In some cases they do not fit in well with the narrative so they have been included here on a separate page. Many show children who were very willing to have their photos taken. The children of Calcutta in particular seem to have made natural subjects or the photographer had the ability to make them relax - certainly not an easy thing to do with modern children.

Additional Images of India

Calcutta Adults and Family Life

Family Group
Seated family group [1]
Washing up
Child washing up dishes in the river [1]
Woman Gardener
Photo captioned 'Woman Gardener' [1]
Woman Gardener
Photo captioned 'The village bread shop' [1]
Bringing Water
Photo captioned 'Bringing water in a chattie. Note the garment - the "sara" - is that worn by all native women, though usually much shorter than this one' [1]
Village Scene
Photo captioned 'Village scene. (Note - this hut made of bambood and matting is much superior to the normal native dwelling ' [1]
Photo of a hut next to a 'tank' [1]
Photo of a village woman holding a child next to a 'tank' [1]
Family Group
Photo of a group of people outside a hut captioned 'Gossips' [1]
Bathing Baby
Postcard showing a woman bathing a baby. [1]
Photo captioned 'Village outside Calcutta' [1]
Postcard captioned 'Cocoanut and Toddy palms' [1]
Postcard captioned 'A Village Band' [1]
Madras Hunt
Postcard captioned 'Madras Hunt' and presumably a family group checking one another for parasites [1]

Children from Calcutta and Surrounding Villages

Two male children next to tree [1]
Young girl sitting on wall captioned 'The village beauty'. She appears to be wearing a gold nose ring - a traditional kind of jewellery favoured by Hindus and still popular. In some areas it indicates that a girl is of marriageable age. The photographer refers to the girl elsewhere as "Our Topsy". [1]
The same girl as in the previous photo holding the hand of a boy - maybe her brother. The photo is captioned 'Sweethearts'. They seem to be wearing their best clothes [1]
Photo captioned 'A study' with two children looking at one another. Clearly posed but the children are very natural again. The photographer says elsewhere 'The native children are splendid at posing'. [1]
Two young girls sitting on a step and holding small baskets. Both are wearing nose ring jewellery and seem to be ignoring the photographer making it a good candid shot [1]
Children Children Children
More photos of the same girls on the step [1]
Photo captioned 'The little housemaid' Note how all the babies are carried in these parts, straddle-legged across the hips [1]
Photo captioned 'Little English girl in native costume of high caste Hindoo girl' [1]
Postcard captioned 'Hindu Girl' [1]

Jobs and Professions

Postcard showing a Tamil silversmith [1]
Snake Charmers
Photo showing snake charmers performing in the street [1]
Snake Charmers
Postcard showing a snake charmer with a mongoose [1]
Parawallah Parawallah
Postcards showing a 'Parawallah' or native policeman [1]
Postcard with drawing of a 'Mali' or gardener [1]
Fakir Fakir
Fakirs - one a postcard from Delhi and the other a photograph by the diary author [1]

Additional Images of Ceylon

Ceylonese Adults and Family Life

Young Woman
Photo of a young Ceylonese woman with the enigmatic caption 'Here she is' [1]
Street Scene
Postcard showing a street scene in Colombo. It looks like the men are dragging barrels. Is this a work activity or a ceremony? There are a number of copies of this image available on sale and they suggest they are wine or beer barrels but I think this is just a guess. [1]
Galle Road
Postcard local people on Galle Road Colombo [1]
Country Road
Postcard a country road at Colombo [1]
Fisherman's hut
Postcard showing a fisherman's hut at Colombo [1]
Village hut
Postcard showing a village hut in Ceylon [1]

Ceylonese Children

Road scene
Postcard showing a road scene near Colombo. Note that a number of the children have swollen bellies that may indicate they are suffering from malnutrition. This remains a problem in the 21st Century in some areas of Shri Lanka [1]
Postcard oddly captioned 'A quaint quartet'. Rather disturbing with all of the children wearing gold but looking unhappy and at least two of them malnourished [1]

Ceylon Jobs and Professions

Coconut Palms
Postcard showing coconut palms at Colombo. These are still a major product of the area [1]
Hack and Pingo
Postcard showing a bullock hackery and a man using a pingo - a kind of yoke or carrying pole - a tool that was used throughout the world at one time [1]
Postcard showing a child holding the reins of a bullock hackery [1]
Fishing Canoe
Postcard showing a Colombo fishing canoe [1]
Ceylon Boats
Postcard showing Ceylon boats [1]
Fruit stall
Postcard showing a fruit stall in Colombo [1]
Fruit sellers
Postcard showing fruit sellers at Grand Pass Colombo [1]
Loading Tea Carts
Postcard showing loading tea carts Ceylon [1]
Shipping tea
Postcard showing shipping tea at Colombo [1]
Cutting Cinnamon
Postcard showing cutting cinnamon Ceylon [1]
Drying Cinnamon
Postcard showing drying cinnamon Ceylon [1]
Postcard showing a man carrying two hands of bananas on a yoke Ceylon [1]
Postcard showing Sinhalese potters with their wares [1]
Postcard showing Ceylon villagers [1]
Rubber tree
Postcard showing woman tapping a rubber tree [1]
Postcard showing woman picking cocoa beans [1]
Women Bathing
Postcard showing Sinhalese women bathing in a river [1]
Street scene
Photo showing a street scene in Colombo [1]
Snake Charmer
Postcard showing a drawing of a snake charmer in Ceylon. The snake charmer would travel from place to place as a form of entertainment. The snakes were frequently treated very cruelly and the practice of this profession is dying out. If fact owning snakes has been illegal in India since 1972 though not in Shri Lanka. [1]
Young Ayah
Postcard showing girl holding a younger child and captione 'A young Ayah' [1]


The diary author hoped to visit Dharjeeling but was unable to do so. He did however collect a number of images of the area and these are reproduced below.

Darjeeling Darjeeling Darjeeling
Postcards of Darjeeling [1]
Darjeeling Darjeeling
Postcards of Darjeeling [1]
Sunset on Kinchenjunga from Darjeeling [1]

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