New & In Progress

What's New?

  • July 2020: New section about ships owned by John Milligen & Co.
  • August 2020: New section about a return trip to India in 1914
  • September 2020:New section about the Edwardian steam yacht Stephanotis (later named Wendorian) and her owners
  • October 2020: New section about the John Milligen collection of veteran cars, tractors, engines etc.
  • November 2020: New section about P & O 'M Class' Passenger liners
  • March 2021: New section about Blackpool Trams in the 1980s
  • March 2021: Updated front-end and improved contact form
  • October 2021: New section with biographies of Vera Milligen and 'Tex' McLeod
  • February 2022: New section of postcards sent home from trips to Australia by my grandfather just before WW1
  • May 2023: New section 'Power to the People' - building the National Grid in the 1920s and 1930s

What's Next?

The following projects are proceeding at different paces. The order of publication is not decided.

  • History of Wild West shows
  • History of the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre
  • Forgotten Thames Crossings
  • London power stations
  • History of cables and electrical generation
  • The Imperial Durbars
  • Hog Island - the world's largest and forgotten shipyard
  • 'All My Own Work' - my work history in the public and private sectors
  • 'Who Does He Think He Is?' - the life stories of my ancestors
  • Disposal of munitions in the sea after WW1 and WW2
  • War Diaries of a WW1 Battalion of the Royal Garrison Artillery in which my grandfather served
  • My grandfather's collection of postcards from WW1

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